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Bubba Blade Lithium Ion

This past Christmas I opened a package that had this knife in it. I had heard of the Bubba Blades before, but only their fixed blades. I knew nothing of their electric fillet knives. Upon opening the box, I was very impressed as to what I found.

What comes with the knife is a very nice carrying case that has individual slots for all the items that comes with the knife. You get 4 blades with it. A 7" and 9" flexible blade, 9" stiff blade and a 12" stiff blade, 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger. Seeing all these goodies, got my excitement up to try it out.

I started using the knife this past spring as our river fishing opened up and have been now using it on my weekend trips to the lake. Here is my honest feedback of this knife.

The knife itself works wonderful. It has been very nice using the different sized blade for different size fish, but I find myself using the 7" and 9" flexible blades the most. The knife is powerful and I have yet to run out of juice during one cleaning session. The most fish I have cleaned in one charge was 20. That includes removing the fillet from the fish, the rib bones and skin removal and I still had plenty of juice left in the battery. I did not notice any slow down from the first fish to the last. That I think is pretty impressive for todays Ion fillet knives.

The blades themselves are sharp!! They have been slicing through the rib bones of many Walters this year without any issue. In fact I am approaching 200 fished cleaned with this knife and I have yet to notice any wear on the blades.

The surface coating the the grip feels sturdy and non slip, even when wet. It's a nice touch to a finely crafted tool. My only issue, and I do mean my only issue with this knife, is the size of the grip itself. I do have small hands, and this grip is larger than the Rapala Lithium Ion I have been using. It took some getting used to, but it's comfortable enough. I could see if a person had larger hands, this knife would be very comfortable.

Now this knife does come with a price tag, $169.99 at my local Scheels, but for everything that comes with it, and the power this knife generates, it's not a bad value. I will be curious to see how long this can hold up.

I think we have all seen many electric knives on the market that don't last a season and I'm hoping this one will last and for the price tag it should. I will follow this review up again in October when my fishing is done too see how this has really held up.

Until then, happy fishing.

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